Complete Eye check-up for the Whole Family

What happens during an eye examination?

This is how we do a COMPREHENSIVE EYE CHECK-UP at Oculus.


  • Your contact details.
  • Past and present eye problems.
  • General health problems like diabetes or hypertension.
  • History of hereditary eye diseases like glaucoma.


  • Computerized and manual vision check and prescription of eyeglasses.
    Examination of the anterior parts of your eyes with a microscope called the slit lamp.
  • Intra-ocular pressure measurement.
  • Examination of your retina and optic nerve after dilatation of your pupil with eye drops. You will not be able to see clearly for about 5-6 hours because of this.


Based on your age, the condition of your eye, and your history, Dr. Jagruti Desai will evaluate your risk of having certain eye problems that are common in the Indian population and will advise when you need your next check-up. Please see us at the recommended time and help us keep your eyes healthy for life.

How do I keep my eyes healthy?

  • Healthy lifestyle with regular moderate exercise.
  • Healthy diet consisting of good proteins, healthy fats with omega-3 fatty acids and high fibre carbohydrates.
  • Antioxidants and Vitamins from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are particularly necessary to keep eyes healthy.

Education and knowledge

We will give you informative articles about your eye condition so that you can understand and help us with your treatment. We will provide general eye care information for you and your family. We advise a SIMPLE HOME VISION CHECK for everybody above the age of 50. On the first of every month, close one eye and look at a calendar or a clock in your house; then close the other eye and check. I would request you to go home and tell all your relations above the age of 50 to do this and get their regular eye check-up. You may help somebody save their sight.

All you need to know about eye drops.

  • Please use only one drop.
  • How to instill the eye drop?
    • Wash your hands, gently pull the lower lid of the patient to form a pocket, and instill one drop there.
  • If we have advised you more than one type of eye drop, put one in your eye, wait a minute, and then put the other one.
  • Punctual occlusion. The eye drops flow out of your eye and into your nose and throat. For maximum effectivity, you should press on both sides of the bridge of your nose with your thumb and index finger for half a minute after instilling the drop. Please ask our staff to show you how.
  • Keep your eye drop bottles in the refrigerator as far as possible.

Looking for a eye examination or consultancy?