Specialization in Cataract Surgery

Rediscover brightness, color, and clarity. Regain confidence.

As we age, cataract begins to cloud the natural lenses in our eyes. As a result, we gradually lose clarity of vision, the vibrancy of colors. Even the most beautiful things around us appear faded, colorless, blurred. We find it increasingly difficult to carry out our day to day activities and most importantly, we lose confidence.

At OCULUS we try to ensure that you regain functional vision after your cataract surgery – the ability to see clearly while performing daily activities in varying levels of light.

We want you to return to your activities like watching television, cooking, doing fine handwork, reading small print, spotting steps and curbs, reading street signs & night-time driving.

About Dr. Jagruti Desai

Since qualifying as an eye surgeon in 1992, Dr. Jagruti Desai has trained at one of the world’s leading centers for cataract surgery. She is a specialist cataract surgeon with experience in more than 10,000 cataract surgeries. She also teaches other eye surgeons phacoemulsification.

Dr. Desai’s focus is on ensuring that her patients have access to the latest technology and advances in cataract surgery. She is a regular attendee at key medical conferences where the latest scientific advances are presented and discussed. Her research work has been published in a range of peer-reviewed international publications and presented at some of the most prestigious conferences on ophthalmology.

This experience, surgical skill, and research knowledge reflect in the fact that the surgical results at OCULUS are as good as the best centers in the world.

Cataract Surgery at Oculus

Surgical Excellence

World-class operation theatre. State-of-the-art instruments. Latest technology – phacoemulsification, astigmatism correction. Premium foldable lens implants. EYE-DROP ANAESTHESIA. No injection, no pain, no eye patch.

Vision correction customized to patients needs

A detailed history of your vision requirements -reading, going out, driving, computer use, housework. Choosing the right lens implant for you — unifocal, multifocal, or toric. Best possible unaided vision (without glasses) tailored to your requirements.

Special attention to anxious patients

Detailed explanation about what will happen during the surgery. Counseling and special care by expert anesthetist dr. during surgery.

Genuine Care

Detailed communication about all aspects of your surgery. Relatives can see your eye surgery LIVE as it is being done. In the critical post-operative period, we are available 247.

what is cataract?
cataract surgery with ‘eye drop anesthesia’ no injection | no pain | no eye pad
what can i do to make sure my cataract surgery is a success?
different type of intra ocular lenses

Cataract surgery with a difference Infinite attention to detail

Typical cataract surgery can achieve what is known as ‘6/6 visual acuity’

  • The ability to read the last line on the vision chart in your doctor’s clinic.
  • A level typical fora healthy senior adult.

Using the new generation intraocular lenses, we aim to help you see even better than that! With our focus on restoring color-contrast sensitivity, many patients report vision similar to what they had during the “Good Old Days” of their youth.

Every step of your operation is planned to enhance your vision. During the detailed preoperative assessment, your cataract is photographed and surgery is planned according to the type of cataract.

The loss of shape in the cornea which has occurred with age is measured and the cut in your eye is planned to correct that, Your glasses number and your daily routine are recorded to decide the intraocular lens power that is appropriate for you.

Photo of iol – the opening in the cataract is made in such a way that the intraocular lens will be perfectly centered giving you perfect vision.

The Operation Theatre Truly world-class, dedicated to cataract surgery

The operation theatre at OCULUS is equipped with state-of-the-art high precision instruments and equipment to provide cataract treatment that is truly world-class.

The microscope is at the heart of eye surgery. The excellent view of the interior of the eye, provided by the Zeiss microscope, ensures that your surgery proceeds safely and precisely to give you the best possible results.

This is the microscope used by the best cataract surgeons in the world. It is one of the 10 such microscopes installed in the city of Bombay.

The new generation Alcon Centurion Phacoemulsification machine uses computer modulated phaco energy to reduce heat generation so that very advanced and complicated cataract can also be removed safely.

During surgery, we use the best quality of disposable materials. No expense is spared and the best available materials are used. For example titanium instruments instead of steel ones, powder-free gloves instead of regular ones, the best quality intraocular fluids, and injections.

We have developed and put in place processes to achieve quality standards comparable with the best centers in the world. Best practices for disinfection of the operation theatre, 24-hour dehumidification, and regular surveillance by air sampling are followed. The phaco handpiece is autoclaved between every surgery and is never reused; an on-line UPS makes sure that there is no break in the electricity supply.

All operation theatre and support staff undergo continuous up-gradation of skills.

Regular staff training programs help them keep up with the latest developments in scientific maintenance of the operation theatre. They also learn to create a calm and empathetic environment for the patients during surgery.

Modern-day cataract surgery

A transparent lens in the eye focuses light onto the retina which in turn conveys the image we are seeing to the brain. When the lens becomes opaque due to old age or disease, there is an obstruction to light entering the eye—this is called a cataract.

  • With ultrasound energy, the cataract is converted into small particles. These are gently suctioned from the eye through a very small cut.
  • To compensate for the removal of the original lens, an artificial lens (I0L) is implanted in the eye with an injector.
  • The artificial lens in place, No stitches are required as the small cut is self-sealing

Topical Anaesthesia

No injection. No pain. No eye patch.

For the last 20 years, cataract surgery has been done after giving an injection near the eye. With the development of micro-incision phacoemulsification, it is now possible to do surgery with only ‘eye-drop’ anesthesia. There is minimal discomfort during surgery and a painless comfortable eye post-surgery. You walk out of the operation theatre with your eyes open, your vision restored. Oculus is one of the few centers in Mumbai where surgery is done exclusively with this new technique.

Patient education and information

However excellent the surgical results are, no patient wants surgery before it is absolutely necessary. At OCULUS, we promise you that your cataract will be operated at the right time. You will be shown the extent of your cataract every time you visit us and the surgery will be scheduled after you understand all the benefits and risks of having surgery at that particular stage. We will explain to you the various options available and what is right for you. You will be told in detail what will happen on the day of the surgery so that you will be totally relaxed.

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