Eye check-up and cataract surgery appointment


Situated in the quiet environment of the suburb of Juhu in Mumbai, Oculus eye hospital is an advanced eye care facility designed to care for the eyes of everyone in your family.

With the latest equipment for eye checkups to expert doctors for all eye specialties, you will find it all here. We specialize in cataract surgery and we have a world-class operation theatre and equipment for the same. You will also be impressed by the pleasant ambiance and excellent service.

    “We have the capabilities and experience to address all your needs related to eye care.”
    Dr. Jagruti Desai
    Oculus Hospital

    What happens during an eye examination?

    This is how we do a COMPREHENSIVE EYE CHECK-UP at Oculus.


    • Your contact details.
    • Past and present eye problems.
    • General health problems like diabetes or hypertension.
    • History of hereditary eye diseases like glaucoma.


    • Computerized and manual vision check and prescription of eyeglasses.
      Examination of the anterior parts of your eyes with a microscope called the slit lamp.
    • Intra-ocular pressure measurement.
    • Examination of your retina and optic nerve after dilatation of your pupil with eye drops. You will not be able to see clearly for about 5-6 hours because of this.


    Based on your age, the condition of your eye, and your history, Dr. Jagruti Desai will evaluate your risk of having certain eye problems that are common in the Indian population and will advise when you need your next check-up. Please see us at the recommended time and help us keep your eyes healthy for life.

    About Dr. Jagruti Desai

    Dr. Jagruti Desai completed her M.S. in ophthalmology in 1992 and her fellowship in cataract surgery in 1996. Since then she has worked in private practice and as an honorary consultant at Ramakrishna mission hospital, Khar (w). She has extensive experience with all types of cataract patients and general ophthalmology practice. She has also taught other surgeons phacoemulsification cataract surgery and has published a no. of scientific papers in reputed journals.

    M. S. Ophthalmology, 1992.
    M & J Institute of Ophthalmology, Ahmedabad.

    Raghudeep Eye Clinic, Iladevi Cataract, and IOL Research Centre. Director Dr. A.R Vasavada MS, FRCS.