In Monsoons, Prevent Red Eye

With the onset of monsoons comes a host of viral diseases that one needs to be cautious of and definitely not the one to miss is the ‘Conjunctivitis’, also known as the ‘pink eye’. ‘Conjunctivitis’, most of the time is viral in nature and causes irritation in the eye. Eyes also tend to turn red due to the disease though it is better to check with the doctor before forming a conclusion.

It is extremely important to study the cause of the disease in order to avoid it.


Conjunctivitis is generally caused when a person comes in contact with the virus. It spreads by what are called ‘fomites’ objects, which when handled by the patient causes the virus to be transferred. .When that object is handled by another person he gets the virus on his hand and then transfers it to his eye. Common ways of spread are by the viruses on objects like pens etc. exchanged with the patient or sitting on a chair vacated by a patient and touching the hand rest touched by the patient etc.
It does not spread through the air.

As we commonly say, prevention is better than cure, let’s see how we can avoid them.


  • It’s important to keep your hands clean, especially if you come across somebody with red eyes.
  • It is quite possible that the virus may come in contact with your eyes.
  • Wash your hands with soap. Make sure your child washes his hand after he comes from school or playground.


  • Do not use eye drops advised by chemists. They have a tendency to dispense asteroid called ‘pyrimon’ which can be harmful in certain cases.
  • Visit your eye doctor to make sure it is conjunctivitis (there are many other causes of red eyes).
  • Make sure that your ‘cornea the transparent front portion of your eye’ is not involved.
  • The doctor will then provide the appropriate medicines.

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